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Wal Achmuueller

As 'Autoflick' is still working on my mind and on my emotions, I wan...ted to review my experience with it. Firstly, by the time it came to an end I knew that I was going to be left wanting more. That said, the beginning had me somewhat impatient, as I am illiterate in both the knowledge of cars and 'Moby Dick'; I am also guilty to be a decades long butt flicker, and so the question 'who would go to these lengths, in this sort of study' had me puzzled and kept circling in my head. Soon the story captured my attention, the characters became alive, the geographical, political, social and historical offerings revived memories and filled gaps; I appreciated the classical time and space setting of the Summer 1968, and the juxtaposed world in the present amidst continuity of a human life. I found the research and theme knowledge to be extensive. Lastly, I was left with a strong appreciation of the mundane in life, as I was reminded of how quickly the tide can turn. The novel had an emotional impact on me; what more can a writer ask for? As a follow up I will now have to read Moby Dick...great job Mr. Bancroft!

Bruce Allen

I just finished reading AutoFlick. I thought the connection between... chasing white whales and chasing folks who tossed cigarette butts from their cars was a bit of a stretch, but I got into it more as the story progressed. John's technique of including historically significant events as backdrop--aided by Wikipedia, one hopes--adds to the texture of the story. His humor and facility with the English language, which I fondly remember from 40-some years ago, brought a few pleasant flashbacks. And I loved the use of whale hunting and golf metaphors--"the car was a sand wedge in front of us," and "dad harpooned him as we went through the light." Not wanting to play editor, I found the 21st century part of the story really engaging, and wanted more. Though I'm generally annoyed by writers who, randomly, juxtapose scenes from the early part of a story with those from the latter, I think this technique could have allowed more exploration of the Izzy/Elizabeth relationship. (This may be due to the fact that for most of my married life my wife was the devout Christian and I was the agnostic/atheist/know nothing.) The story resolves nicely, if a bit quickly. Anyway, I would read it again, and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads. Well done, John.

Jacke Crump

Absolutely enjoyable! A fun read on a mighty theme! Nice job Banc...roft! "To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be who have tried it." H. Melville

Larry Hanon Jr

The story is very interesting and well written. From time to time it hits you with a surprise that you didn't see coming. It does a great job of keeping you interested as you never really know what direction it is going. Yet, you can relate to the characters and the events. I would definitely recommend giving it a read.

Jeffrey Bancroft

Upfront truth the author is my brother. I read more than a few books as my wife can attest and I liked Auto Flick. An interesting slice of life with humor the book made me laugh on more than some occasions. Set in the Doylestown area I recommend this book to everybody. JB